Heavy Mehandi

Heavy Mehandi

Heavy Mehandi,Mehandi is a traditional thing that used for many years. And also there are many Mehandi patterns used by ladies according to their occasion or any festival. They make their Mehandi more beautiful with some intricate motifs, and floral designs that cover the hands without any gap in between that making their hands more beautiful they also use the back of hands also a part of a Mehandi design and leg too. Many females like to be drawn to Mehandi with some colors which make them more adorable at first sight. You can try any color out there in any market.
• There is an infinite type of Mehandi design available in the world which is applied according to a situation. Many Mehandi's are simple but look gorgeous but some Mehandi is a Heavy Mehandi design which looks extremely elegant on any festival or any occasion or any events too.
• Our, Love Mehandi Artist's specialty is that we use herbal and skin-friendly henna that is safe and rich at the same time. Our Mehandi designs include bridal, traditional, Arabic, Jaipuri, South-Indian, and Rajasthani, but the primary specialty lies in customizing the designs and layouts according to the bride's preferences.

Why Choose Us?

We present ourselves as a prestigious group of the Best Mehandi artist in Delhi. And now We are satisfied to inform you that our services are available at your doorstep all over India. The specialty of our Mehandi art, design, and pattern is that we have associates in our group who has experience of several years. They hold art Mehandi according to our need of culture and customers, moreover, the substance of Mehandi mixture is made entirely of herbal products and does not use chemicals that damage the skin.

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